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During the COVID-19 public health emergency, Apple Health (Medicaid) enrollees have received uninterrupted health coverage without annual proof of eligibility.  WA state continued its Eligibility Review (ER) process, but clients were not terminated for failing to provide an ER. If a client’s eligibility terminated for any other reason, HCA and DSHS reopened coverage.

A recent Omnibus bill was passed, decoupling redetermination efforts from the end of the PHE. We anticipate that Washington state will resume redetermination efforts and reinstate it’s pre-PHE process, including requiring annual proof of eligibility starting with individuals with a renewal/redetermination date of 4/1. WA will spend the next 12 months re-certifying clients’ eligibility for Apple Health based on each individual client’s renewal date. All Medicaid members must renew their benefits, so they don’t lose their health coverage.


If clients do not take action to respond to required outreach, Apple Health coverage will be terminated.  All clients who are terminated for not responding to required outreach will have the opportunity to appeal their termination. Clients have 90 days from the termination date to complete their renewal and be retroactively reinstated from the termination date, if eligible without a gap in coverage.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and other valuable resources to help educate your patients on the importance of updating their contact information and renewing their edicaid coverage.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Molina Healthcare Apple Health Medicaid renewal provider FAQs.

    Most Medicaid recipients will need to go through a redetermination, or renewal, process to keep their Medicaid eligibility and benefits. Below are answers to some common questions that might help guide your patients through this process.


    Q: When redetermination resumes, how does it impact my patients?

    A: The federal government issued the COVID-19 PHE in March 2020, at the start of the pandemic. Since then, WA state continued its Eligibility Review (ER) process, but clients were not terminated for failing to provide annual proof of eligibility. Now that redetermination efforts have been decoupled from the PHE, Medicaid recipients will need to go through the renewal process based on their individual renewal date.  Clients who fail to respond to outreach required to complete their renewal will have their Apple Health coverage terminated and will have 90 days from the termination date to complete their renewal and be retroactively reinstated from the termination date, if eligible, without a gap in coverage. 


    Q: When will the normal Medicaid enrollment and renewal process resume?
     While no formal dates have been provided yet, we anticipate Washington state will resume redetermination efforts and reinstate its pre-PHE process on 4/1.


    Q: What can individuals do now to prepare?
    First and foremost, all Medicaid recipients should make sure their contact information, including their mailing address and phone number(s) are up to date with their state to ensure they receive important notices about the renewal process. 

    Learn how our members can update their contact information with their state and Molina online at

    Ask our members, your patients, to make sure they keep an eye out for information and notices about their coverage and renewal process and respond quickly to any instructions they receive. Learn more about the renewal process for members and the assistance available to them online at

    Q: What is Molina doing to prepare? 
    Throughout the PHE, Molina has continued to send regular reminders and outreach to members starting 60 days before their renewal date via: 

    Text messages
    Outreach calls
    My Molina mobile app and member portal notices 

    This outreach will continue once redetermination is reinstated.
    Before redetermination officially begins, we’re working to ensure we have the current and correct contact information for our members, so they receive their renewal information on time. To accomplish this, we’ve created helpful resources such as: 
    Information on how members can update their contact information 
    Text message, e-mail, and social media campaigns 

    Upon the official notice announcing the formal redetermination date, we’ll focus on reminding members to renew their benefits when it’s their turn through an awareness campaign that includes: 

    A video explaining what the end of the PHE means for their Medicaid coverage
    A national landing page to point them to their state-specific resources
    Social media posts and on-hold messaging to remind members they will need to take action to keep their benefits. 


    NEW! If there are members who didn't complete the steps to renew their Medicaid benefits, we'll reach out to them and work with them to re-enroll and renew their Medicaid benefits and coverage. 


    Q: How can providers help prepare their patients for redetermination? 
    A: We need your help reminding patients to update their contact information. We also need your help reminding your Medicaid patients that they need to renew to keep their coverage. Renewal information and renewal steps can also be found on our website here

    Share the information and resources located in the Redetermination Resources section with your patients by printing and displaying in your office:

    • How to update your contact info flyer
    • How to renew flyer (coming soon)
    • Renewal panel display card (coming soon)


    Q: What happens if an individual is no longer eligible for Medicaid and loses coverage?
    If an individual no longer qualifies for Medicaid coverage they'll get: 

    • A notice in the mail from either Washington Healthplan finder or DSHS with the with the date their Medicaid coverage will end
    • Information on how to file an appeal if they think the decision to cancel their coverage was incorrect. If a determination that cancellation of coverage was incorrect occurs within 90 days of the termination date, the client will be retroactively reinstated from the termination date, without a gap in coverage. 


    Q: What are some other health care coverage choices if an individual no longer qualifies for Medicaid?
     If a member no longer qualifies for Medicaid, they might be eligible for a Marketplace or Medicare health plan.

    To learn more about our Marketplace health plans, please visit or call (844)794-3635

    To learn more about our Medicare health plans, please visit or call (866) 403-8293.


    Q: How can I get more information about the redetermination process?
    Please contact your provider services representative if you have any questions or would like more information.

    You may also find more information by viewing the HCA’s End of PHE FAQ here.  


  • Redetermination Resources


COVID-19 Resources

As the COVID-19 public health concern grows, Molina Healthcare would like to share resources with our provider partners. Our corporate Chief Medical Office (CMO) is working closely with our health plan CMOs across the country to ensure that we are prepared to assist our members and providers. We will keep this page updated with new resources as they become available. See how Molina is responding to COVID-19 here.